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The Technological Race

There are several fields in which if you actually stop making progress in the right direction then you are said to be going backwards. All such fields are motivated by technological advancements at such a pace that even a one month or one day old idea is said to be obscelete. The people who work in such institutions or are employed in such fast paced inudustries have to be very determined and focused. Those people are actually of the highest calibre and are the finest gems of their trade. Examples of such fields are the computer hardware industry and the motorsports industry.

Nowadays every house and office has a computer. Whether its a desktop, a laptop, a pocket PC or a tablet PC it uses the same innovation. The technology used may be different but the same ideas are implemented with a little bit of modification with respect to the capabilities of the device. As efforts are made to reduce the limitations in the functionality of these devices the technology automatically undergoes a rapid evolution and reformation. This whole process is so quick that in the matter of a few months a new generation of hardware with better functionality and capabilities arrives thus making the older products seem like something from the stone age. This is specially the case for the gaming oriented hardware market. Every six or eight months a new series of hardware products is launched which has a huge advantage over it’s predecessor. The new hardware out-performs the six month old product as if it was launched after years of
development. This huge leap in performance is due to the massive investment of time and money in the development of new hardware. As soon as one product is launched the development for the next device starts. For example, in the GPU (Graphics Procesing Unit) market the manufacturers of chipsets like Nvidia and ATI spend millions of dollars in designing, developing and testing their products which are going to be launched in the future. The same goes with the motherboard and processor manufacturing giant Intel. The pace with which new products are developed is astonishing given the kind of performance difference we get. This effects the typical user quite a lot because when a user pays a handsome amount to buy a high-end graphics card he expects, at least, a year of good frame rates while playing new games but this is not the case as after a period of six months the new product arrives which in turn leads to the game developers developing new games which work best on the new graphics cards. So, in order to be able to get good frame rates the user needs to upgrade his PC again by getting a new graphics card. This reflects the kind of pace that the computer hardware industry
progresses with and a user who is left behind has a huge disadvantage.

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