US asks India to stop blaming Pakistan

US asks India to stop blaming Pakistan… once again we see how the US has successfully managed to inact its role of pretending to be a celestial being to which all must reverence. Who does the US consider itself, and what is ittrying to acheive? America is a ‘spoilt-little-rich-kid’ who’s basic philosophy of life is: you do what I say or I’ll destroy you-you be my friend and help me though i may not help you- you give what i want or else, once again I’ll destroy you. So there is emphasis on ‘I’ and ‘destroy you’. Thus we may evaluate that America’s ‘God Complex’ emerges from its selfishness, and its wish to be all-powerful. The US is a superpower, with the potential to annihalate whatever it wants. This is why we all surrender ourselves to it.

‘FEAR’. All the decisions made the actions done may as well be summed up inthese four letters. It was fear which persuaded General pervez Musharaf to blow up the ‘madrassas; in Bajaur, and it was fear that made him target his own people as terrorists. It is under the very influence of fear that we do what we do today. The US has managed to use the one thing everyone fears, to control us, and that is fear. So we figured that America is trying to acheive’ total contol’ and wants all matters to return to the American government.Thus it considers itself our Lord and ruler. We could say that the world is under a dictatorship, the dictatorship of, once the land of the emigrants the land of the free, now called ‘the American Government.’

Hiba Mahammadi X

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