A New Dawn

The world to date has gone through a few simple stages of super power domination. We have seen a bi-polar world through out the course of the Cold War and today a Uni Polar world is believed to exist with US dominancy over the world. However I beleive there is a new super power. With a New super weapon threatning the freeworld.

Developing Countries in the world undoubtedly have the worlds most economic recources. Economic in the sense that these recources are limited, scarce and there consumtion entails an oppurtunity cost. Whilst countries such as Nigeria , Venzuala , Lebonon , Iraq fill the deficit for world oil supply-other developing nations like Pakistan prop up with an abundancy of labour supply and markets for first world goods. It is these countries that make the new “Eastern Bloc” of the world. With valuable recources they hold a valuable position. With Oil, Gold and labour supplies as their bargaining chips they enter world affairs with a definite advantage. They can tackle down even the most strongest of todays first world powers in the first world. Together they have recources and they have a say.

Shahryar Malik FY

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