How Do You Define a Leader or a Hero

A leader is typically seen as someone who stands up to lead the masses to speak up-loud and clear for their rights. However this is to my opinion this is a very stereotype definition of a leader which rarely exists today. On Similar lines Heroes take their stance and liberate their people from opression and tyranny. They do something when others dont. Everyone possess the power to make change but it is these people who go ahead and do something and take their stances in life – we rever as Heroes.

Hans and Sophie Scholls were two such Heroes who fought against Nazi Tyranny. They dared to publish pamphlets and voice an opposition against the Hitler Regime. They were determined not to slip into conformity and the indoctrination advocated by Hitler in his “Aryan Race Theory” – a theory prophesizing an elite race of makind. At a time where repression was heavy and the secret police or Gestapo was active to intimidate opponents , Hans and Sophie Scholl proved invaluable to the definition of Heroes. They stood up for what is morally right , moreover they stood up for their people and for a common opinion when others did not dare to do so. Although the Nazi tyranny continued after they were executed, their efforts were not to be lost in vein. They showed the world how important it is too stand up for who you beleive in. This should be the crux of a Heroes character.

Kurt Kobain the lead singer of Nirvana is also a supreme Hero destined for immortality. Through his Grunge music he was able to display a different message. He emphasized that everything did not have to be Pure and perfect. Just as his unrefined and raw music was a form of beauty in iteself , Kurt Kobain showed us that the grimmer aspects of life were also beautifull. He left the world an appreciation for those un-planned happenings in life. As much as his thrashy power chords seemed to be unmusical and form-less , they created a different kind of music altogather. A grunge genre of music which is not the epitomy of a sweet symphony came to life. This ushered in a new culture which is till today followed around the world in many schools and universities. People realized that they did not have to have their hair well groomed and side parted to look good. They did not have to play on the school football team to command respect. However people could do all of this by just being who they truly and purely are. The Unrefine and raw personality – reeking with “Teen Spirit” was enough to impress.

So who we decide to choose as Heroes and leaders is not important. But what is important is how we define these heroes of change. They are invincible, immortal and lasting with us till the end. Even though they may not be recognized or handed the Nobel Prize or Nishan-e-Hayder. Their contributions to humanity remains. They have altered the path of mankind.

Shahryar Malik FY

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