An informal note

If anyone has been watching the news or skimming through the newspaper they would be aware about North Korea’s recent nuclear power launches. I would urge everyone to please keep in touch with this event, because as critical as I may sound if the world which comprises of USA, USA and USA (UN is hidden in a corner somewhere folks, don’t worry) puts sanctions or the like on North Korea, to the extent that they went to with Iran, which repeatedly said it was testing for Nuclear ‘energy’ not the ‘bomb’, it would finally highlight the presence or absence of discrimination against Muslim or ‘terrorist’ countries. Because, at the end of the day, Iran and North Korea could be on the same footing, North Korea worse, since they have openly voiced their desire and are now practically showing that they are going to become a Nuclear Power nation. The fact that an independant country has the right to become a Nuclear Power is something that people have even stopped argueing about since they know their voices are heard upon deaf (or dumb ears), hence now the world must once again wait for what the master has planned for it, according to its great plan!

Please keep in touch with the unfolding of this very intense and interesting event people:)

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