Minister feels MQM has a hand in Street Crime Surge

“LAHORE, Oct 5: Law minister raja basharat told the Punjab Assembly on Thursday that there were reports that street crime had increased in certain areas of the province where Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) opened its offices and that some office-bearers appointed there were also involved in heinous crimes.

The minister, however, requested speaker Afzal Sahi to defer the matter till the full-day debate on law and order. A committee had been constituted to review the overall law and order in the province and all the ‘facts’ in this regard would be presented before the house, he said in response to a point of order raised by MMA’s Arshad Mahmood Baggu.

The MMA legislator from Sialkot had earlier pointed out that street crime had increased in the province, especially in the city, after the MQM opened its offices here.

PPP’s Farzana Nazeer said that since the MQM, a coalition partner of the federal government, had moved to the Punjab, the law and order situation had deteriorated further. Some bold steps had to be taken to improve the situation, she said … ” -Dawn, Friday October 6th

Well, if thats what they have done after having opened only a few offices in the Punjab, we can only imagine what they would be doing to Karachi, where they are currently in power. No wonder the crime rates in the city are at an all time high.

Akash Shaikh

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