A Vicious Cycle-How Good Music gets Commercialized

Sometimes i wish i had a time-slot on one of the FM’s. Because there comes a time each day when you get sick of hearing about every other rapper’s cars, and women, and dough. And then there’s the hip hop artists and there asses and things. Also punk rockers and their angsty lyrics. It’s going to the dogs. But isn’t that why its successful?

Rap wasn’t like that before. Massive attack was called hip hop once, before it adopted the trip hop genre, or rather the trip hop genre adopted it. But why is this mass conformity so appealing to everyone? Why do so many amazing bands follow the peak-OC (Orange County-the show)-sell out cycle rather then continuing to come up with good music? Its not bad for people to enjoy music they like, that sounds good to them. Its when they argue that it gets to you. It’s when you get “what the hell do you listen to?” that you want to tell them just how much sweeter your music is, just because its original for starters, it’s also refreshing, maybe less easy to listen to but an acquired taste, but definitely music that’s top. Music doesn’t have to be slow to be relaxing, if the lyrics are light hearted, the song can still help you unwind even if its loud. Actually light hearted is narrowing it down, ambiguous rather, they should give you the freedom to think of them as two, three, four or even one hundred different things. Who can mess with “She don’t use jelly” or “Karma Police?” How good is it that Sigur Ros have a whole album in ‘hopelandic’ which is no language in particular. That way you don’t even bother about the lyrics and if you do you can make them mean what you want. And either way the music is still sublime. Whats bad is that the music industry spews out millions of half assed attempts at copying this legend and that, you see them around for a bit then they go. Then the next generation is on mtv regurgitating the same rubbish in a couple of years . AND IT SELLS. Again. and Again. And the bulk of the music industry at the moment is catering to the tastes of hundred of precocious pre-pubescent girls, and boys. Think maroon 5, think avril lavigne.

For me, one of the worst moments in television history was when i heard that ‘My Iron Lung’ had been performed on rockstar Supernova. I’ve grown up listening to radiohead, and they’ll remain my all time favorite band. To see their stuff on a crappy reality show was depressing. Because now when i go back to school, i get ” I LOVE RADIOHEAD” from all the people who made fun of me and my music. Because radiohead came on star world, and now all these new radiohead “lovers’s” new favourite radiohead song has made the not so subtle transition from Creep to My Iron Lung, commercial success swapped with commercial success two. Not that any of these people appreciated my iron lung before it came on rockstar or like radiohead besides creep and now my iron lung. Thom yorke might not mind i’m sure. It’ll get him money but still it makes me want to kick something and cringe.


  1. #1 by Jamie on December 31, 2006 - 1:37 am

    Just searching in google and came accross your site, looks good, i will pass the url along

  2. #2 by Shahzeb on September 18, 2010 - 11:32 am

    I feel the same way about the recent coldplay ‘epidemic’.

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