West will ‘fail’ without Pakistan


Pakistani President Gen Pervez Musharraf

‘We helped the West’

Pakistan’s president has warned the West would be “brought to its knees” without his country’s co-operation in the so-called war on terror.“If we were not with you, you won’t manage anything,” said President Pervez Musharraf in a BBC Radio 4 interview. He said the Taleban, not al-Qaeda, was now the focus of the struggle against militancy in the region. “The greatest danger today is if the Taleban movement gets converted into a people’s movement,” he warned. Earlier this week Tony Blair assured Gen Musharraf a leaked paper condemning Pakistan’s intelligence service did not reflect his government’s view. In the leaked report, a naval commander at the Ministry of Defence (MoD) claimed Pakistan’s intelligence service, ISI, had indirectly helped the Taleban and al-Qaeda. In the BBC interview Mr Musharraf rejected these claims and said ISI’s support was vital.

If we were not with you, you won’t manage anything

President Pervez Musharraf

“You’ll be brought down to your knees if Pakistan doesn’t co-operate with you. That is all that I would like to say. Pakistan is the main ally. If we were not with you, you won’t manage anything,” he said. “Let that be clear. And if ISI is not with you, you will fail.”

‘Historic debt’

He also claims the US and Britain had a historic debt to pay as Pakistan had helped “win the Cold War” for the West. He argued that the West’s strategy in Afghanistan towards the end of the Cold War helped to create the conditions which led to al-Qaeda’s rise. President Musharraf said mujahideen fighters went into the area from all over the world and the West armed and trained the Taleban. He said Pakistan was then left “high and dry”. His comments develop arguments he has made over the past few days at meetings with US President George W Bush and Tony Blair and a speech given in Oxford. Gen Musharraf said the Pakistani government’s aim in the country’s tribal border areas was to “wean the people away” from supporting the Taleban, pointing out that while al-Qaeda was mainly comprised of “foreigners”, the Taleban’s support was more locally based. He denied the suggestion that the tribal elders with whom the government has forged a recent agreement are a front for the Taleban. He said the tribal elders were the “only way” to establish support from the local population: “The army cannot get them on our side”.  

‘Disappearances ‘denied

Gen Musharraf also strongly denied allegations by the human rights organisation Amnesty International that some alleged terror suspects had vanished without trace. “I don’t want even to reply to that, it is a nonsense, I don’t believe it, I don’t trust it,” he said. Gen Musharraf said the authorities had detained some 700 people, but all of them were accounted for. Of the leaked MoD paper, British defence officials claimed it was written by a junior official, was unfinished and had not been seen by anyone who actually makes government policy. After two hours of talks on Thursday Downing Street said Gen Musharraf had accepted Mr Blair’s reassurances.

An interesting article to say the least. Please comment!

Taken from BBC News.

  1. #1 by Habib on October 4, 2006 - 4:23 pm

    Its nice to see a leader of this country who is not extreme towards the western ideaology nor towards the Radicality of the east.

    But not being in a democratic state has its flaws, number one being that we the tax payers won’t be able to have the honour to buy the Politician’s son’s new merc benz, or filling his swiss accounts.

    oh well.

    Putting the tax money on constructing infrastructure and creating jobs will have to do while the general dictates with an iron fist.

  2. #2 by erum khan on October 6, 2006 - 5:36 am

    What do you mean by the Radicality of the east?

  3. #3 by Fahad Punjwani on October 12, 2006 - 4:54 pm

    The topic did certainly catch my eye and as I thought, it was mostly about Pakistan helping USA on the united states’ aim to destroy Taliban. As we see everynow and then, the USA and the UK keep on tagging Pakistan with allegations that may or may not be true. We are being termed as terrorists and helpers of the terrorists(taliban and the al-Qaida). So did it really pay off helping George Bush in his fight against, what he calls as, TERRORISM?
    I see no point in Gen. Pervaiz Musharif making it clear to everyone that it is PAKISTAN who helped destroy what George Bush terms as TERRORISM.
    Our country’s name in the international affairs is risen often, however in a negative way! Maybe its because of this that we see our president making speeches more than often regarding Pakistan’s positive role in destroying terrorism and helping the so-called magnanimous countries namely the USA and the UK!
    Bush may have decreased the amount of debt that we owed the USA, however, after reading the newspaper everyday and taking a peek at the patronizing attitude of the journalists when they mention Pakistan, it is clear how Pakistan is viewed by others!! I mean, did helping USA make us better off or worser in terms of international relations with other?
    I belive it didnt help at all!! So instead of making the “west” realise how much we have done for them, our political bodies should start concentrating on much imporatnt affairs!!!

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