Loadshedding is brought to you by KESC!

A humorous report on the problems created by our city’s one and only electric cooperation! 

I felt someone touching my foot. It was my 10 year old nephew waking me up at 1:36 a.m “oh no reason,” he said, “just wanted to tell you that the power’s been cut off, there is no electricity. You can go back to sleep now.”What an idiot. I think he memorized the curse words that my mouth uttered next.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep, so I trudged downstairs to power the generator and heroically save the day–or the night.

I woke up my gate keeper so he could give me the keys to the generator. I think I grasped a few of the curse words in pushto. After a couple of unsuccessful tries of trying to power on the generator, I smelled something burning. The generator had burned out.

That night I learned that if I curse loudly enough from the groundfloor, the sound could travel till the master bedroom–at the second floor.

As I lay uselessly on the terrace, I thought.
I thought about how privatisation of the KARACHI ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORPORATION had done no good to the welfare of the common citizen.
I thought about how the situation of this community could be improved, about what I would write in my letter to the mayor.
I thought about about how newspapers report the inefficency of the corporation but about how no one takes action.
I tought about how I would strangle the person that told me there are no mosquitos in September.

Finally the Power came back on at about 2:24 a.m, and I rushed into my room, turned on my fan and then jumped into my bed. And I realized a something.

That sweaty people under the fan don’t need Air conditioning that much!

Habib Maya FY-R

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